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Ezra Endeavours... towards a pinterest-worthy home

Wan Yee Wong

Posted on July 06 2020

Ezra Endeavours... towards a pinterest-worthy home

Let's meet Vickii, ex-management consultant turned business owner of Olive (@olivetheshop on IG, online!). She traded in excel models for a model home and we want to know why!

We speak to her about what inspires her and some small styling tips you can use for your abode.


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Home-styling tips for the community —

  1. Multi-functionality is great for smaller homes — your bowls and plates can also double up as jewellery holders, vases or display pieces!
  2. Variety is key — change up a dining table by including an accent piece. This means using a different or brighter colour to create a fresh look!

What inspires you —

"Traveling and seeing the world inspires me. I often collect ceramics to remind me of a place I visited, or a meal I enjoyed. I feel like every country has their own style of tableware and ceramics, so it's nice to have them around the house as each piece tells a story."

Wan & Shao's take —

Self-care is a huge buzzword today. We believe that the core concept driving self-care is the idea of balance. Did you balance your day with the right proportions of rest and work? Did you intentionally take time out to rest, reflect and treat yourself by doing small things that make your day better?

We recently read a piece by Harvard Business review that proposed a bunch of ways to improve your life and to make your workday a little better. The one that really stuck to us was this paragraph:

"Take out the word SHOULD. Self-care can feel daunting or unattainable. But the intention is not to add more to your already full plate, or create a reason to beat yourself up. Instead, self-care flows from an intention to stay connected to oneself and one’s overall mission: Who and what can support and be in service of the positive contribution I hope to make?"

Drive your positive feelings by being intentional about what you're doing. The article suggests that our environment and workspace can have a huge impact on productivity. Are you intentional about how you spruce up your place? Are you intentionally creating small ways to treat yourself a little better? — link's here if you're interested in finding out the other actionable and constructive ways to infuse selfcare into your admittedly hectic life.

To better daily endeavours! Till the next time xx


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