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Ezra Endeavours towards Skateboarding

Wan Yee Wong

Posted on July 28 2020

Ezra Endeavours towards Skateboarding


Ezra Endeavours towards… learning a new hobby. - 

Up close & personal with homegrown skateboard company @odysseyboardco (on IG!) – it’s not easy starting something new, so what drives Nicholas, the founding business partner (one of 2 in this power pairing!) to give his best everyday?

This brand is conceptualised by a passionate duo. With their affordable, surf inspired boards, they want to bring the skate culture to Singapore. 


 Our friend and inspiration, Nicholas! 

What's your story?
I love solving problems, and that was what led to me joining my army buddy @jiaxtar to build @odysseyboardco. We wanted to solve the problem of beginners having too high a barrier of entry to longboarding, and the rest is history.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The alarm. But seriously, what gets me going every other day even on the bad ones is accountability. I am responsible to be a good son, brother, partner and most importantly a better version of myself!


Ezra's Take:

We love the spunk and design of their boards and the whole concept of their brand. In Chip Wilson (Lululemon co-founder)'s book (Little Stretchy Black Pants), he details the importance of trying new sports, and spotting trends. That's exactly what we think Odyssey Boards is doing — they spotted a trend and they're making it accessible to everyone. We love the concept of skating to our next destination, and we hope skate culture will take off within the shores of our sunny island. Here's to picking up new hobbies! 


Visit to learn more and to get on their waitlist for their super popular boards! :-) 

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