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Learn More About Our Supply Chain

Wan Yee Wong

Posted on January 29 2020

Learn More About Our Supply Chain

We’ll be honest – we started out spontaneously in Guangzhou, China for our first launch. To speak from the bottom our hearts, it was a relatively easy process consisting of some site visits and iterations of our first launch. Easy in comparison to our second launch – shifting our entire operations to Bali.

Bali is made up of so many small manufacturing gems – little workshops that get their orders only through word of mouth recommendations. We met our fabric supplier and manufacturer whilst on site in Bali and it really changed our view on what we could do to help local communities.

[Picture of us in Bali, January 2020 with our fabric supplier Yukee and boss tailor Ismail]


Meet Yukee.

She’s an enterprising mom of one. A sassy and caring mother, she brings her 5 year old daughter around in her scooter as she visits fabric shops and suppliers around Bali. She told us – she wants to be her own boss because it empowers her to work harder to create a better future for her daughter and family. Whilst we hang out in fabric shops and while we visit the many tailor shops whose owners are her long-time friends, she regales us with stories about her daughter and about life in Bali.

What really struck home for us was how she made sure that all her tailors are fairly paid and not overloaded with work. We know it’s true because all the tailors and fabric stores we have visited are so excited to see Yukee. There’s always friendly banter and her daughter makes herself at home at all the factories and stores we have visited. They greet both Yukee and her daughter with a familiarity that we have rarely seen. This is the meaning of empowering local communities – where everyone knows each other as long time friends and there are no complaints of workload or tension with new orders.


[Shao and Yukee in Bali, getting ready to head to another factory]


Meet Ismail.

A cheery boss of his small tailor shop in Seminyak, Bali, he greeted us with smiles as we dropped by with Yukee to check on our stock and samples. This is the man that has to struggle with our sub-par drawings and remake our samples with the smallest reiterations of fabric type and cutting. He really impressed us with his commitment to detail and how he’s always excited to sit down with us to talk through a new design and give honest opinions on how we could make each piece better – even if such changes come at a greater labour effort on his part. His facility is small and relatively limited compared to large manufacturing houses, but he has a knack for tailoring and he’s full of great ideas. Yukee went to three tailors before Ismail – all of them told us that they couldn’t produce the seamless design we wanted, but Ismail nailed down on his first attempt.


Meeting such small business owners in Bali inspired us to keep working hard to even match up to their work ethic.


In 2020, we hope to release more designs with greater frequency. With the help of our lovely partners in our supply chain, we hope to bring you designs that you’ll love and feel good about wearing. Not only because they look good, but also because you know that by wearing one of these pieces, someone in a local community really committed to making it happen for all of us. Each of our pieces are personally conceptualized, sewn with love and stress-tested with care. Even as a small business, we can make a difference.





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