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We're out to ease your

Everyday Endeavours

Upgraded basics for you to
Get Moving

throughout the day

We want to move away from the idea that being active has to be restrictive, regimental and performance-driven.

Instead, we believe that being active is part of your real, everyday life.

The little things matter – taking that walk back home or going for pre-brunch strolls. These little things keep activity easy, accessible and enjoyable.

These little things are part of your
Everyday Endeavours.

What We Stand For


What you see is what you get – we do not alter the fit or body of any of our models.
We are also transparent about our supply chain, cost structure and materials to ensure that you know what you are purchasing.

Community Co - creation

We are committed to feedback oriented design, which is enabled by our small batch production process. We prioritise community oriented content in two ways.

First, we amplify our community’s voices to make sure everyone's heard.

Second, we continually look to create meaningful and insightful content that cuts through the noise.


We balance function and form across design, materials and marketing. The beauty or aesthetic value of whatever we put out will not come at expense of meaning or function. 

Built for
Designed for your
Everyday Endeavours
Upgraded basics done honestly.