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Our pieces are designed in-house in Singapore and vetted by family members who are retired merchandisers. We go through multiple iterations, samples and stress tests to ensure that we nail down the best fit.

We aim to design pieces with a sensibility that balances recreation and action, style and functionality. Our design process is thus guided by the desire to deliver fresh and functional takes on classic styles, breaking the traditional activewear mould.



We work with a small studio based in Bali, Indonesia to produce our pieces. A small business like ours, the studio is run by an Indonesian lady who commits to providing fair and flexible work opportunities for her community. For example, the studio accommodates flexible working hours and conditions to ensure that their staff enjoy a strong work-life balance. We produce in small batches to preserve the craftsmanship, intricacy and patience that goes into making each piece.

To ensure that we do not put unnecessary strain on our sewers, we actively manage our orders and timelines according to their needs and availability. While this means that we cannot compete with fast fashion speeds and prices, we believe in the importance of ensuring happy working conditions and respecting craftsmanship.



We maintain high standards and check every piece before packing. Our pieces are made to last multiple washes and wears. We commit to providing excellent after-care service to ensure that you'd love your pieces for a long time to come.



Moving forward, we plan to work with more sustainable fabrics. We face constraints of scale at the moment, but are actively sourcing for alternative fabrics and means.

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    Note: We worked with a different manufacturer for our debut launch. It was a bigger, SGS-certified production house that we personally visited to ensure that working conditions were favorable and remuneration was fair.